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LAST MODIFIED: 20 August 2013 (link to CRUST1.0 added)

Work Address: Gabi Laske
              U.C. San Diego
              La Jolla, Ca 92093-0225

Office phone: (858) 534-8774 
Fax:          (858) 534-5332 

Office: SIO, IGPP Munk Lab room 324 



SIO15 (Natural Disasters) Web site
SIO 227b 2004 Web site
A brief page on volcanoes and volcanism in S.D. county


Directions to my office

Geophysics at Karlsruhe, the place I come from.

Black Forest Observatory, the quietest site on Earth


The Hawaiian PLUME Experiment

The centerpiece of this project is a two-phase OBS deployment to image the Hawaiian mantle plume and its plumbing system.
The phases operated between January 2005 and June 2007. First results for evidence of a deep-reaching mantle plume have been published in December 2009.
This work is funded by the OCE section of NSF. Matching funds are provided by the SIO director's office.

A Global Crustal Model at 1x1 degrees (August 2013)

This model is a comprehensive update of our previous global crustal models CRUST 5.1 and CRUST2.0. CRUST1.0 takes advantage of our digital 1deg sediment map (see below) and our new (and ongoing) compilation crustal database.
This and related work has been funded by NSF, DoD and an IGPP-mini grant with LLNL.

Reference Earth Model Web Site

The time has come to revisit the question of spherically-symmetric reference Earth models and to begin the process of developing reference 3D models and datasets.
This Web site will be maintained to collect and distribute data, models and computer code from and to participants of the REM initiative.
This work is funded by the CSEDI section of NSF.

A global digital map of sediment thickness

This work has not been published (yet) but the sediment model is available to download (and widely used). Please provide feedback. This work was done in our spare time and funded by NSF.

The Scripps 3D mantle models

This page points you to our collection of 3D mantle models (old and new).
This work is a continuing effort to burn our spare time and, yes, funded by NSF.

Normal Modes and the Rotation of the Inner Core (July 2002)

This page summarizes a contribution to an AGU Monograph on the Inner Core. This work was presented at the SEDI meeting July 2002, Lake Tahoe, CA, USA and AGU meetings.
This research was funded by NSF.

Project SWELL

Seismic Wave Exploration of the Lower Lithosphere beneath the Hawaiian Swell.
We do have a model of 3D shear velocity structure beneath the pilot array.

This work is funded by the MG&G section of OCE-NSF.

CRUST 2.0: A global crustal model

This model superseded CRUST5.1 and has been widely used. We no longer support the model since CRUST1.0 was released in July 2013 but we still provide the link here. We strongly recommend to use CRUST1.0 instead.

CRUST 5.1: A new global crustal model

In collaboration with Walter D. Mooney (USGS, Menlo Park)

Global Maps of Long-Period Surface Wave Dispersion

Polarization of Long-Period Surface Waves/Station Misalignment


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NB: the GSA reprint available at GSA does not include the supplements that are available online at GSA.

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NB: author order in the print version/book is reverse and wrong.

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Directions to my office (Munk Lab #324):

Show me the MAP.

From I5 (southbound), go west on La Jolla Village Dr., ~1.25 Miles left on La Jolla Shores Dr., in ~.75 miles, near the bottom of the hill the road makes a sharp left turn. Just after this bend turn Right onto Biological Grade (watch for bikers). This road makes a sharp left in about 100 yards follow it through a parking lot etc. until you come to a redwood building on your right and a redwood staircase on your left. The building on the right is where I work, the Munk lab. I'm on the main floor in office 324.

From I5 (northbound), go west on La Jolla Parkway, down the hill. Turn right at second traffic light (Hotel La Jolla on the right). Continue for ~1.5 Miles. You will pass the IGPP bridge. After that bridge, turn left onto Biological Grade. From there, see above.

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