Planetary Experimental Petrology Laboratory (PEPL)



Multi-anvil apparatus

The lab houses an 1000-ton press from Rockland Research equipped with a Walker-type multi-anvil module.

To see the pressure and temperature calibration of the press, click here

Piston-cylinder apparatus

A 250-ton press (Boyd and England type end-loaded piston-cylinder, manufactured by Rockland Research).

Gain/Phase Analyzer -

Impedance spectrometer

Electrical measurements are conducted under pressure and temperature using an impedance spectrometer. The lab is equipped with a Solartron 1260A gain/phase analyzer from Ametek directly connected to a PC for real-time measurements.

MINOR EQUIPMENT (among others)

  1. -Nikon reflected and transmitted light polarizing microscope

  1. -Struers Secotom cut-off machine

  1. -Foredom hang up motor with diamond tools

  1. -1700°C Lindberg box furnace

  1. -1100°C Lindberg box furnace

- Well Diamond saw

  1. -Binocular microscope

  1. -Struers polishing machine

- Vacuum oven

LOCATION: Scripps - Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (IGPP) - Room 07

The IGPP Building.

Location: Map here