Space Geodesy Seminar - SIOG 237
The objectives of this seminar course are to learn the basics of GPS and InSAR, and apply both techniques to study deformation in various places of interest (Southern California and elsewhere). There will be field trips during which we will visit active faults and conduct campaign GPS surveys.

Yuri Fialko; 321 IGPP;; Ph. 2-5028
David Sandwell; 1104 IGPP;; Ph. 4-7109
Seminar course, S/U grade.
Time: Fri, 1:00-1:50 PM, Munk 303


Date Topic Reading Discussion Leader
11 JAN InSAR - Intro notes

18 JAN SAR - image formation and observation modes notes

25 JAN InSAR - phase notes

01 FEB InSAR - phase unwrapping notes


08 FEB Pinel-Puyssegur B, Lasserre C, Benoit A, Jolivet R, Doin MP, Champenois J. A Simple Phase Unwrapping Errors Correction Algorithm Based on Phase Closure Analysis. InIGARSS 2018-2018 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 2018 Jul 22 (pp. 2212-2215). IEEE. (PDF)

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Suggested books:

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