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  • Computing resources at IGPP

    There are a few good computing resources here at IGPP that I wanted to make sure other students were aware of. Not everyone likes sleuthing and reading documentation as much as I do, so I think a lot of the resources here might go unnoticed. You can find a more complete guide to the computing resources here.

  • IGPP Computing short course

    There used to be a course called Intro to Computing at IGPP that geophysics students could take during their first year. The goals of the course were to teach incoming students, from a variety of backgrounds, some basic but essential computing skills for classes and research at IGPP. The course hasn’t been offered for a few years, but we’re planning to “reboot” it in the form of a short course a couple weeks before the fall quarter begins.

  • Current Plans for this site

    This site is pretty bare right now, but I’m working on making it something useful!