Math 129 - Section 009 - Fall 2018

Instructor: Matthias Morzfeld, Email:

Lecture: MWF 1:00 -- 1:50 in Harvill 313

Office hours:
Regular office hours in S331, ENR2 -- Tuesday 11am-12noon, Friday 2pm-3pm
Tutoring in Math Lab (MTL) 121 -- Monday 2pm-3pm

Class Policy:
The class policy is posted here.
It contains all the information about homework, exams, grades, add/drop,
class rules, calculators, office hours etc.
Please read and understand the Class Policy. If you have questions, let me know.

Textbook: Calculus Single Variable, Sixth Edition by Hughes-Hallett et al. published by Wiley.
The computer grading program, WebAssign, includes an electronic version of the text.

Additional information
You can find additional information also about the final at calc-website.

I will closely follow this plan.
I will also post what material was covered in class here after each lecture.

Lecture Schedule

Webassign homework:
Homework is assigned via Webassign (see Class Policy for information about how to get WebAssign).
The due dates for the WebbAssign homework are also on Webassign.
You can find some information about WebAssign here.

Handwritten homework
It is your responsibility to check for the additional handwritten homework.
Handwritten homework is due in class on Wednesdays, before class starts.
I recommend that you do more handwritten problems.
You can find additional problems here.

Handwritten Homework Assignments