Dr. Thomas P. Ferrand  

Postdoctoral Researcher - Scripps Institution of Oceanography - UC San Diego

Institute of Geophysics & Planetary Physics - Planetary Experimental Petrology Laboratory

ORCID: 0000-0001-7576-517         -         ResearchGate         -         LinkedIn         -         GoogleScholar

My specialty is mixing scientific fields to unravel complexities, i.e. MAKE IT SIMPLE. Mostly working on mantle rheology either in the lab (Ferrand, 2019; Ferrand et al., 2017; Gasc et al., 2017) or on the field (Ferrand et al., 2018), I also took part in deformation experiments on carbonates (Baud et al., 2016) and high-grade oceanic rocks (Incel et al., 2017). I am passionate about plate tectonics, complex systems understanding, spatiotemporal multi-scale integrated studies, and knowledge transmission.
To better understand the Earth, we have to give answers to questions we have not formulated yet. The first step is to find the right words, which definitely depend on the specialty.
Science progresses everyday. We have to try hard not to freeze its results.

       Transformation-driven stress transfer: from the lab to the slab
       → see Ferrand (2019, Lithos), Kita & Ferrand (2018, Sci. Rep.) and Ferrand et al. (2017, Nat. Commun.)
       Transformation-driven stress transfer: from the lab to the slab
       → see Ferrand (2019, Lithos), Kita & Ferrand (2018, Sci. Rep.) and Ferrand et al. (2017, Nat. Commun.)

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  1. Hilairet, N., Ferrand, T.P., Raterron, P., Merkel, S., Guignard, J., Langrand, C., Schubnel, A., Crichton, W. (in prep.), HP deformation of serpentines+olivines aggregates.
  2. Incel, S., Ferrand, T.P., Hilairet, N., Loïc, L., Wang, Y. & Schubnel, A. (in prep.), Micro- and nanostructural evidence for PST formation in HP rocks in the lab, Lithos.
  3. Ferrand, T.P. (submitted), Transition from magma-poor to magma-rich margin: mantle exhumation in the Vøring Basin before the Icelandic plume influence. Tectonophysics
  4. Ferrand, T.P., Schubnel, A., Hilairet, N., Labrousse, L. & Nielsen, S. (submitted), Scaling seismic fault thickness from the laboratory to the field. Geology
  5. Ferrand, T.P.. (2019), Neither Antigorite nor its dehydration is "metastable", American Mineralogist 104 (6), 788-790.
  6. Ferrand, T.P.. (2019), Seismicity and mineral destabilizations in the subducting mantle up to 6 GPa, 200 km depth, Lithos 334–335, 205-230.
  7. Kita, S. & Ferrand, T.P. (2018), Physical mechanisms of oceanic mantle earthquakes: Comparison of natural and experimental events, Scientific Reports 8, 17049.
  8. Ferrand, T.P., Labrousse, L., Eloy, G., Fabbri, O., Hilairet, N. & Schubnel, A. (2018), Energy balance from a mantle pseudotachylyte, Balmuccia, Italy Journal of Geophysical Research 123, 3943–3967.
  9. Gasc, J., Hilairet, N., Yu, T., Ferrand, T.P., Schubnel, A. & Wang, Y. (2017), Faulting of natural serpentinite: Implications for intermediate-depth seismicity, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 474, 138-147.
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  11. pic1
          Setting up spark plasma sintering - ERI Tokyo
  12. Incel, S., Hilairet, N., Schubnel, A., John, T., Ferrand, T.P., Deldicque, D., Chopin, C., Wang, Y. & Renner, J. (2017), Laboratory earthquakes triggered by the eclogitization of blueschist, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 459, 320-331.
  13. Baud, P., Rolland A., Heap, M., Xu, T., Nicolé, M., Ferrand, T.P., Reuschlé, T., Toussaint, R. & Conil, N. (2016), Impact of stylolites on the mechanical strength of limestone, Tectonophysics 690, 4-20.


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"To observe attentively is to remember distinctly." - Edgar Allan Poe, Extraordinary Tales