Subgroups formed at the La Jolla workshop

On the last day of the La Jolla workshop, several subgroups were formed to discuss further details of specific areas. A group leader was assigned to each of these group. If you wish to contribute or know more about the work in a subgroup, please contact us (

Modes and Surface Waves

subgroup coordinator: Guy Masters
contributors: Durek, Ekström, Laske, Li, Masters, Montagner, Resovsky, Ritzwoller, Romanowicz, Tromp, Um, Widmer

Travel Times, Source Locations (under construction)

subgroup coordinator: Adam Dziewonski
contributors: Creager, Dziewonski, Engdahl, Flanagan, Morelli, Schweitzer, Shearer, Van der Hilst, Woodward, Wysession

Waveforms, regional (under construction)

subgroup coordinator: Don Helmberger
contributors: Garnero, Grand, Helmberger, Kind, Levshin, Nolet, Ritzwoller, Song

Waveforms, global (under construction)

subgroup coordinator: Bob Woodward
contributors: Cormier, Ekström, Forsyth, Montagner, Romanowicz, Woodward


subgroup coordinator: Walter Mooney
contributors: Ekström, Forsyth, Helmberger, Kind, Laske, Levshin, Mitchell, Mooney, Nataf, Ritzwoller

Mineral Physics

subgroup coordinator: Don Weidner
contributors: Jeanloz, Karato, Stixrude, Weidner


subgroup coordinator: Jerry Mitrovica
contributors: Buffet, Bunge, Hager, Mitrovica, Phipps Morgan, O'Connell, Ricard, Richards, Wahr


subgroup coordinator: Hubert Staudigel
contributors:GERM group

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